Why We Offer ThetaCare+ | Gold Edition

A Guarantee To Make You Feel Good About Your Purchase:

We have all been there; you buy something and right when the 90-day return policy ends, it breaks. A purchase from Triple Theta is more than that, it is a guarantee that for 3 years, you will be covered by ThetaCare+. 

How To Make A Claim:

If anything happens during your 3 year coverage, reach out to us and we will begin processing your return generally within 48 hours or less.



Accident Type Details:

Claim Type

Replacement Cost

Defect In Product

$0 + Shipping Covered By Us (Free)

Breaking Or Excessive Damage To Band

$0 + Shipping ($15)

Any Other Breakage, Dent, Twist or Turn

$0 + Shipping ($15)


Have any questions? Reach out to us at any time and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.