TRIPLE THETA Carbon Removal Project

Triple Theta Trees Forest Carbon Removal

Where Emissions Come From

Shipping products directly to you is a convenient way for you to get your order but comes with the challenge of increased carbon emissions. The plane your package flew in, the truck you got your package and even the warehouse your package came from produce significant carbon emissions. 

Our Projects

TRIPLE THETA funds ocean-based removal and direct air capture. These human powered capturing methods are known as the most effective way to remove carbon and can remove it from the atmosphere for 1000+ years. 

Fish Triple Theta Deep Ocean

Ocean-Based Removal

Ocean acidification is considered one of the biggest threats to climate change. Planet by Shopify uses a fee we pay on every order to help organizations like Running Tides reduce ocean acidification through what is known as a carbon sink. By using natural and sustainable methods of carbon capturing such as kelp and shellfish, they are able to reduce ocean acidification at a large scale. 

Direct Air Capture

As the name suggests, direct air capture involves physically taking carbon out of the air normally through machines that can capture it in from the air. Once pumping it in, these machines normally either store the carbon in deep geological formations or use the carbon to create highly efficient fuel in a variety of forms. 

What Is Planet

Planet by Shopify is a service for retailers and business owners which allows them to purchase verified carbon credits to offset the carbon emissions of shipping. TRIPLE THETA pays a fee determined by Planet by Shopify on every order to offset the carbon emissions that come from shipping your order.

Triple Theta Ocean Acidification


Verified By Shopify

Shopify works to verify all carbon projects to ensure all projects are what they claim to be and make sure the credits are used effectively. Planet by Shopify has helped verify carbon offsets on 1 million+ orders.

Committed Since 2020

TRIPLE THETA has been funding reforestation, soil carbon storage and the preservation of forests with Pachama via a per-order fee through Offset by Shopify since 2020. This partnership has helped TRIPLE THETA begin the process of having greener operations. As we move from this partnership to work with Planet by Shopify, TRIPLE THETA can now go even further at reducing carbon output as an organization.